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ampi320The 2014 African Mobile Phone Financial Services Policy Initiative (AMPI) Leaders Roundtable Meeting, co-hosted by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on 5-7 February in Kenya, should be an exciting event that will bring together key regulators from across Africa and be a unique opportunity for a dialogue with private sector players and development partners.

Over the course of the last year, regulatory developments among AMPI member countries have provided a robust enabling environment, which has ensured that the continent continues to remain as a strong leader in mobile financial services and financial inclusion globally. AMPI member countries have provided a peer-learning platform for African regulators to share knowledge, experiences on regulatory developments and the oversight and supervision of mobile financial services.

The roundtable meeting will provide a unique insight into the developments across Africa in mobile financial services, its role in supporting financial inclusion and how regulations are adapting to this environment. We have also seen how private sector partnerships that are supported by an appropriate regulatory framework are further expanding not only the range of financial services available but also greater financial inclusion. Interconnectivity among players and a broader shift toward digital financial services are driving this effort. It is exciting to see the roundtable will be able to focus as well on what is making partnerships successful and the role that regulations play in taking these new digital financial services to the next level in Africa. We have seen that better regulations can also help to create new business opportunities and new markets as well. With inputs from a variety of players, AMPI will also develop a joint vision for the future.

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