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In this webinar put on by Making Cents and Chemonics International, I shared updates on the growing shift from mobile money to broader digital financial services to promote financial inclusion. These broader services include greater integration and convergence of electronic funds transfers, debit/ATM cards, and agent banking. Over the past couple of years, a range of public and private players such as USAID, the Better Than Cash Alliance, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, and other groups have actively supported or focused on policy areas that promoted the use of digital financial services for greater financial inclusion.

With the greater role of governments, regulators, private sector players, and more importantly, the role and perspective of clients at the base of the economic pyramid, this new emphasis on digital financial services, has a much better chance of accomplishing deeper financial inclusion than we have seen in the past. This presentation focuses on this broader approach to improving financial inclusion and shares lessons learned from a practitioner in the field point of view.

Here is the link to the presentation on SlideShare.


Offering Digital Financial Services to Promote Financial Inclusion: Lessons We’ve Learned