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Photo of the Week:


This photo was taken in March 2013 at a local Globe Business Center in Makati City, Philippines. I took this photo while cashing in to my GCASH wallet to pay my bills. This month was one of the first times that my monthly transactions exceeded P60,0000 ($1,500). I realized over time that the utility and usefulness of mobile money increases in direct proportion to the number of relevant use cases. I remember when we started working with rural bank clients who often told me their biggest pain point was lining up to pay their utility bills. While the number of airtime loading and P2P transactions are still the largest number of my monthly transactions, bill payments are more than 80% of the overall amount of my personal monthly mobile money transactions. I think this will hold true for the development of mobile money in other markets as well as these markets continue to evolve and mature.

Photo Credit: John Owens, Chemonics International