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This presentation was given during the recently held Connected World Forum 2012 in Dubai. It shares the various use cases and experiences using mobile money for development projects in the field. It covers the collective wisdom of three USAID-funded projects managed by Chemonics International in Kenya, the Philippines and Afghanistan that utilized mobile money in various ways to support development goals over the past 8 years. It includes the field-based use cases gathered from working directly with 7 mobile money issuers and over 100 development project partner institutions utilizing mobile money in various ways to improve efficiency, increase outreach, reduce costs, and provide funds transfer in a more secure way.

Tomorrow, we will share the second presentation we provided on the Better Than Cash Alliance and Practical Tips to Implement Mobile Money in Development Initiatives.

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Anthony LattaAnthony Latta is a project management and international development specialist with Chemonics International and has administered USAID and other U.S. Government projects throughout Europe, Eurasia, Afghanistan and Kenya. He has extensive experience and is recognized as a company leader in using mobile payments (M-Pesa) for operations and grants activities.

0e5671eAnthony Petalcorin is an IT and mobile money advisor with Chemonics International. He currently works with Chemonics as the mobile money advisor on the FAIDA project and previously worked for over 14 years on the USAID/MABS program were he was the Senior MIS Manager and oversaw much of the mobile money product development work with rural banks as well as coordinated work with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippine Central Bank) on e-banking and e-money compliance issues for rural banks.

Mobile Money Advocate

John Owens is a director at Chemonics International and is a senior advisor on mobile money, mobile banking, and financial inclusion. He has worked on public private partnerships to expand financial inclusion for the past 25 years and previously served as the Chief of Party for the USAID/MABS program where he worked closely with RBAP, rural banks, and the mobile money providers to operationalize the use of mobile money to facilitate greater access to banking services.

Note that the views in this article and presentation are strictly those of authors: John Owens, Anthony Petalcorin, and Anthony Latta and do not necessarily reflect the views of Chemonics International, USAID, or the Better Than Cash Alliance.