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I am often asked to provide links to blogs and websites on mobile money in the developing world.  Many people interested in this field want to learn about what is happening across the world to better understand best practices and the latest developments in the mobile money space.  There is actually quite a bit available on the internet today and I plan on sharing the more interesting and relevant sites on this blog.

GSMA Mobile Money Deployment Tracker

The GSMA Mobile Money Deployment Tracker is a great website that allows anyone interested in getting a quick snapshot of what is happening around the world in terms of mobile money deployments.  It also provides useful statistics by sharing data on market characteristics such as mobile and financial penetration rates, domestic financial flows and international remittances, as well as information about mobile money providers in most countries with active deployments.

See an example of the analysis and page on the Philippines below:

This site is useful for those doing research on mobile money as well as those planning to deploy mobile money solutions and needing access to quick facts and data.

GSMA Mobile Money for the Unbanked Blog

The GSMA Mobile Money for the Unbanked website includes links to their blog as well as other resources that document useful information for mobile money ecosystem players including mobile network operators, financial institutions, regulators, development institutions and academic researchers. The documents and studies are broken down both by category and region thereby making it easy to search.

I also like their links to mobile money websites as well as videos and images that illustrate the various ways that mobile money services are marketed around the globe.

CGAP Technology Blog

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) Technology Blog on mobile money, mobile banking, and other technological innovations focussed on financial inclusion has some interesting reports and articles on mobile money in the developing world.   This is a good place to not only read about the latest studies but also to research various topics such as regulations that impact mobile money deployments in the developing world.

Mobile Money Africa

The Mobile Money Africa blog calls itself  “Africa’s leading online resource for mobile financial inclusion.”  I have followed this blog for several years and find it a good source for the latest news on mobile money across Africa.  In addition, the site has some good contributions and interviews with practitioners from different parts of Africa.

Mobile Money Asia

Ex-banker and mobile money colleague Brad Jones set up this blog.  Brad and several other contributors  share their thoughts on mobile money specifically in Asia but with insights that are applicable globally. The contributors to the blog are all practitioners who have been instrumental in mobile money in Cambodia, the Pacific, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other Asian markets. These mobile money experts have worked in payments companies, start-ups and development organisations, thus they provide a unique insight into how mobile money can be expanded in Asia as well as elsewhere in the developing world.

Mobile Banking Blog 

I have always enjoyed the blog by Hannes Van Rensburg, the founder and CEO of Fundamo which is now owned by VISA.  Hannes is one of the early thought leaders in the mobile banking industry and his insights into mobile banking and mobile money deployments are interesting and informative.  I have appreciated his continuing effort to  share his thoughts and experiences in the mobile money and mobile banking space and I recommend following his blog.

Mobile Money Mesh

The Money Mesh, written by mobile money enthusiast Scott Bales, provides useful discussions “on technology innovation, social networks, security, regulation, mobility culture shifts and behavioural change in an increasingly mobile and connected world.”

Scott is one of the leading tweeters on mobile money, mobile payments, and mobile banking and has interesting views on the latest trends and developments in the mobile money field. I definitely recommend checking in on the Mobile Money Mesh for Scott’s interesting insights and perspective on mobile money.

I will provide links to other websites and blogs as I come across them on this blog so let me know which sites you follow and find useful.