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USAID recently announced plans for a major effort to motivate all contractors and recipients of USAID funds to replace physical cash with electronic payments including mobile payments. The goal of this effort is to “dramatically increase the use of electronic payments platforms in order to promote financial inclusion and realize long‐term efficiencies and effectiveness of USAID programs across multiple sectors.”  This new effort is known as the Better Than Cash Initiative (BTCI).

I plan to share practical examples of USAID projects from around the world that are shifting to electronic payments with a focus on mobile money-enabled payments.  These articles will be geared to providing interested development workers, USAID grantees, host country governments and other partners of USAID programs with shared experiences and best case examples for the BTC initiative.  This series of articles will also be useful for mobile money providers in the developing world who are looking for partners to better promote mobile money payment ecosystems.



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